About Us

Crown Coffee Company is a supplier of specialty roast gourmet coffees to restaurants and gourmet coffee bars since 1993.  All our coffee blends consist of 100% arabica coffee beans, chosen for their low acidity and caffeine levels.

Crown Coffee gives our customers the freedom to choose from a variety of coffees.  Crown Coffee quotes our customers one price and lets you choose, this allows companies to carry a medium roast and dark roast pleasing a broad range and again your costs stay the same.

Most coffee companies will charge a different price for each coffee and over time their customer may change coffee two or three times, which usually results in higher costs.

Crown Coffee Company is asking your company to try our coffee, there is no cost or obligation. The companies that have taken this opportunity, found our specialty blends to be of higher quality than what they were consuming presently at the workplace. There seems to be a difference between office coffee and coffee we get outside the workplace. Crown Coffee brings the gourmet blends into your office at wholesale prices. The very same coffee you pay $2.50 for one cup can be delivered to your office for pennies per cup. This price includes delivery, coffee brewers, weekly service on your brewers along with changing your thermos for clean ones and filters.